• I would like to thank you for introducing me to this wonderful and great product called Saka Water. As you are aware I have a Liver Condition which has affected my health on so many levels and the last two and half years has been quite hard for me as my energy levels have been up and down due to my Liver Functions not working properly. As such, some of my symptoms have been Fatigue, Hot Flushes, Liver Spotting, Dehydration and severe pain in my abdominal areas. I have also become intolerant to certain foods. I am currently on a Detox to help clear and cleanse my liver. My liver may well take up to two years before it shows improvement due to the damage levels. Part of my detox program has been drinking your product Saka Water, which has not only helped with the cleansing of my liver, but also with my energy levels, plus my skin feels much more radiant. I feel more hydrated and my skin especially has shown some improvement in the last 3 months of obtaining your Saka Water.

    Martine Passalacqua – Mrs Australia 2010
  • Just thought I would tell you something really cool, my housemate Ben plays League soccer, and since we had so much water left over from the concert I have been giving it to the boys before some of their games. They all LOVE it and their feedback is that it is the best water to drink during games as it is not heavy and “squishy” like other water when you are playing sports, they absolutely LOVE it! And best of all, every time they have had Saka Water before a game, they have WON!!! That includes winning the GRAND FINAL!

    Crystal A. Davis
  • I found “Saka” Alkaline water to be the best in the market today due to its purity. I have been drinking “Saka” Alkaline water while on Chemotherapy when I was so ill by the treatment that I couldn’t even drink water without being sick. I was referred to “Saka” Alkaline water and it’s the best thing I could have done. It’s taste was light and refreshing. I still drink “Saka” Alkaline water to stay healthy.

    Connie Vella, Vic
  • Great Product! Excellent value and pretty quick delivery too, though a rather heavy package when it arrives! Bought these to help with silent reflux and associated symptoms and I must say it works . This water is at an alkaline ph which neutralises any acid – easy and light to drink as you would obviously expect of water, in a very crushable plastic bottle for easy recycling.  All in all a good product which I will continue to buy.

  • Life changing water that makes you feel amazing! I never like water and always struggled to drink my daily 2 litres a day. Saka Water, is not only fantastic for your body it tastes amazing too. It makes you feel healthy, fantastic and most importantly hydrated. 2 litres a day is now a breeze. My fridge is now fully stocked with Saka and I never leave home without at least one bottle

  • Love Saka water! Best water there is.  Saka water is the most refreshing and tasty water I have experienced. It is less acidic than other bottled waters and is healthier. I heard about Saka water when they sponsored next top model on Facebook. I was fortunate to try Saka water and experience the great taste. I’m thankful for Saka water.

    Madeline Elvidge
  • Perfection In A Bottle – Saka water is amazing, tastes great and is 100% natural & chemical free!! I would highly recommend it to anybody of any age and definitely recommend it more than bottled tap water or filtered water. It improves the look of your skin with its high alkaline goodness from natural springs and overall makes you feel great!!

    Gabriel F.
  • Miraculous – I am a firm believer in this water and it’s exceptional healing properties. As someone with a sensitive stomach and lots of food allergies, I am particularly careful with my water intake. The difference I feel when regularly drinking Saka is amazing – more energy, less pain, and easier food digestion to name a few benefits I notice! The taste is delicious and I look for it wherever I go!

  • Awesome as. Yabba Dabba Doo – Awesome tasting water, would strongly recommend to other people. Is so refreshing other water just does not come close enough. It’s the first water I choose every time. I’ll always remember my first time having some. Went down so well. Saka water has everything going for it, in all the right ways.

    Lisa Murfin
  • The Power of Alkaline Water – Saka Water is the best Alkaline Water we can get in the Australia market, it has helped me and my family embark on a healthier lifestyle and understanding that water makes out the most of our body & diet, such a fundamental part of human’s life yet we do not think much about it. Bottled water, tap water etc can harm our health. Take action and make the difference starting today, contact Saka Water and get healthier – Be Alkaline and prevent diseases!

    Roslyn F.
  • Saka water is convenient, healthy and affordable and it induces health! As a naturopath that specialises in alkaline living and blood analysis, I get to see the changes in people time and time again when they drink this water. Whether it’s for weight loss, increasing energy levels or working through a difficult health challenge such as cancer, Saka water is a great habit to create in your daily life. All waters are not equal! Saka is a clean, smooth essential fluid required for cleansing and hydrating the body, as well as maintaining it’s natural pH balance. I am happy to recommend Saka to my patients and continue to make it a staple in our home and office.


    Niki Angelopoulos – Naturopath & Blood Microscopist, Alkaline Food Coach/Presenter
  • I’ve been drinking Saka water for 3 weeks and i can’t drink tap water anymore, it smells and tastes terrible now.

    Xiao Qing Ma