1077770_1_OAlkaline Water Online is a Perth based Australian Business that is established in 2015 to provide products of the highest quality that meet changing and challenging customer needs. Alkaline Water Online believes in power of the mother nature and devoted itself to meet the community with the healthiest water products direct from the hearth of untouched sources of the world.

SAKA WATER is proudly our first brand that fills one of the most important gaps in natural food market – the naturally alkaline mineral water. In the last years SAKA WATER has been awarded four times with the Superior Taste Award by International Taste and Quality Institute (ITSA) in Europe, Brussels, where hundreds of international water brands have been applying every year. Thanks to its perfectly balanced natural mineral content and high 8.22 pH level, undoubtedly SAKA WATER is the best water you ever taste.

Let’s activate your healthier lifestyle.